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6-8 September 2017
Staszic Palace, Warsaw, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone

maximum poster size is A0 = 841×1189 mm

Glue mass to hang poster will be distributed at the reception desk (no pins allowed!).

(as for 2017.09.05)

  1. Absorption measure distribution in AGN : model versus observations – Tek Prasad Adhikari
  2. Spectroscopy with Swift-XRT: To unveil the nature of compact object in MAXI 1957+032 – Aru Beri
  3. X-raying the accretion disk of Her X-1 with XMM-Newton – Manuel Castro
  4. Measuring the physical properties of galaxy clusters with the X-IFU – Edoardo Cuchetti
  5. A comprehensive timing and spectral studies of Be/X-ray binary pulsar EXO 2030+375 in the RXTE era – Prahlad Epili
  6. ShiftyLines: Hierarchical interference for X-ray spectra with Doppler shifts  – Victoria Grinberg, Daniela Huppenkothen, B.J. Brewer 
  7. Dependence of X-ray loudness of AGNs on Eddington ratio – Maitrayee Gupta
  8. Spectral Properties of Symbiotic X-ray binaries – Shivangi Gupta
  9. Flux and Spectral Variability of Blazars with XMM-Newton –  Alok Gupta
  10. The reflection strength in the lamp-post model and the accretion flow geometry in Cyg X-1 hard state – Lukasz Klepczarek
  11. Complex Circumnuclear Structures in the Radio-Loud AGN Mkn 6 – Alex Markowitz
  12. Radial distribution of metals in the intra-cluster medium – Francois Mernier
  13. X-ray intraday variability of TeV blazars with NuSTAR –  Ashwani Pandey
  14. A new model for the lamp-post geometry and its application to NGC 4151 – Michal Szanecki
  15. The spectral model of thermally driven winds for X-ray binaries – Ryota Tomaru
  16. Long-Term Spectral Evolution of Anomalous X-ray Pulsar: XTE J1810-197 – Eda Vurgun
  17. X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations in Lense-Thirring precession model – Bei You
  18. Galaxy clusters at high redshift (z>2) as seen by ATHENA – Chaoli Zhang