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3-7 September 2018
Warsaw University Library
Europe/Warsaw timezone

It has come to our attention that a third-party company is contacting workshop attendees with a hotel booking scheme. How the company identifies itself seems to vary. Initially they called themselves EHS Rooms; more recently they have even claimed to be working with the Warsaw University Library itself.

This company is calling or e-mailing attendees and falsely claiming to be working with the workshop organization and that it has been authorized to help with booking accommodation for the participants.

These claims are entirely FALSE. This company is in no way involved with the workshop organization and has not been authorized by us to contact the attendees.

Please, be aware that this is a SCAM to obtain your credit card information. They seem to have accessed the list of registrants (which was but is no longer pubicly available in our website) and obtained additional information about some attendees in the internet.

The workshop organization is not providing services related to accommodation for the workshop.

We recommend that you do not respond to their contact and do not share your data with them. A quick internet search for "EHS Scam" reveals that they have been working with this scam for many years.

Please, ignore any contact that is not made directly by us. In case of doubts, do write back to our official e-mail address (revolution at for confirmation and additional clarification.